Temporary broadband


We can provide broadband for a little as one month for 4G broadband, ADSL or FTTC fibre broadband.

4G & 5G Broadband
Mobile broadband is ideal for construction sites and events, we provide 4G and 5G broadband for a month or more.
Self install or professionally installed by our engineers
Satellite Broadband
For very remote locations, and where we are unable to pull in a mobile broadband signal, we provide satellite broadband that covers any location.
Fibre broadband
FTTP (Fibre To The Premisis) FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) DIA (Direct Internet Access), all these fibre broadband services are available and some with a 1 month contract and an installation time of 6 days.
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A specialist IT company providing temporary 4G broadband to construction sites around the UK.


MelBek, Leiston, IP16 4US

Phone: 01728 417714

Email: info@melbek.co.uk